Nursing School: Getting Accepted and Moving to NYC

I started writing my admissions essay while I was on my flight back from the city. I had just spent four freezing days in Manhattan on a scouting/vacation trip, and felt more motivation and excitement than I had in a long time. My fingers tapped away as I wrote my introduction three times, and had a dozen half paragraphs with no solid ending. I had life flowing out of my fingers, and all I could do was hope; I had to write or I might explode. I had to get to this essay written before I changed my mind and lost my courage.

I’m sitting on my couch now in Manhattan, I guess the essay went over well. I was admitted my last day of the Spring semester, a fine day to finally close the door on my community college experience. I cried as I read the email, I cried as I told my sister and my mom and my Spanish professor who had written my recommendation letter. I couldn’t believe it was actually true!

I’m finding now that being accepted was just the beginning. Now I actually have to work for what I want. I put so much energy into getting accepted, moving across the country, finding a new church, meeting new friends, nailing down a job, and trying to live frugally in NYC, that I forgot I came here for school!

And, if I’m being honest, I must say the first few weeks of nursing school have been quite anti-climactic. Fireworks didn’t go off when I entered the building, and I’m sure they won’t the last time I leave, but I’m learning to enjoy the process, to appreciate the small steps. I’m learning to really appreciate the relationships, and the friendships that are starting to blossom. I’m learning to appreciate the early mornings and the pages and pages of reading.

It’s a process. I’m learning that. I’m trying to savor each moment because I know it will all be over so fast. My plan is to keep updating this blog with my experience in nursing school because I know even I will appreciate looking back on these posts in 15 months after I have walked across that graduation stage.

In Him!


I Need More Batteries For My Flashlight!

I moved to New York City one week ago, and now find myself on the quest for a church home- ‘Church Shopping’, if you will. I’m coming from a church where I was satisfied, but not challenged. The Sundays were good, but not great, and honestly, it was probably the worship that kept me there for so long. I’m coming to NYC with big aspirations. I know this city is full of talent, where there has got to be some incredible churches!

Now, headfirst into my second week as a New Yorker, I can reflect- I mean, I’m pretty much a native, right? During this ‘exploration phase’ of my move I am trying my hardest to ‘lean not on my own understanding’ (Proverbs 3:5) as I seek out a church. I’m trying to take in everything unbiased, but sometimes its hard. I know The Lord has led me to this place, and I am confident that if I remain faithful He will light my way. My sister once wrote in a birthday card that, ‘the Lord may not light my path with a flood light, but with something smaller, like a flashlight.’ So that’s where I am- walking along 2nd Avenue with my Bible, and a little flashlight that needs more batteries.

My first Sunday adventure started out at Times Square Church (TSC). The church was a Broadway Theatre in days past, and still stands proud among the lights of Times Square. I remember seeing the church when I visited earlier in the year, but had no idea the inside would be so beautiful. I come from a long line of movie theatre and fairgrounds churches, so I can honestly say I was impressed.

I had no idea what to expect from TSC, but assumed it was probably a lot like the church I had come from in San Diego. Boy, was I wrong. You know when you picture someone’s home, or a hotel, before actually seeing it and you have that idea of what it’s going to be, but when you get there its actually completely different? That’s what I was blessed with on Sunday. It was different in all the best ways. The congregation was engaged and jumping around. I heard shouts of acclamation and praise throughout the hour long worship (yes, a whole hour!), and I was blessed. I love that The Lord takes what you think you want and changes it, and blesses you with something completely different that He knows you’re going to like even more.

I still don’t know exactly what to think of my new city, but I do know that The Lord is leading me every step of the way. I am so confident in the fact that ‘he who began a good work in me will bring it to completion…’ (Philippians 1:6, ESV). I don’t know what church I’ll end up at here in the Big Apple, but I know The Lord has supplied me with all the batteries I need to keep this flashlight lit until I do!

Today on the Williamsburg Bridge

My first few days in the city have been nothing short of an adventure.

I’ve seen a lady with a mustache tattooed on her face, a different one walking her cat, and a man sunbathing in Washington Square Park (which I’m learning isn’t too weird). I accidentally paid $8.67 for an iced coffee drink, and $10 for a deli sandwich across from the Flatiron Building.

To say it’s been an adventure would be putting it mildly- I’m in a completely new world!

I took some time today after an interview to walk the Williamsburg Bridge. Here are the pictures!